Mechanical faculty
Technological faculty
Chemico-technological faculty
Faculty of economics
Correspondence faculty
Pre-educational training faculty


Departments of the Chemico-technological Faculty

Technology of Milk and Dairy Products
Technology of Food Processing and Meat Products
Chemical Technology of High-Molecular Compounds
Labor Protection and Ecology

Departments of the Technological Faculty

Technology of Food Production
Technology of Bakery Products
Physical Training and Sports

Departments of the Mechanical Faculty

Food Engineering Machines and Devices
Heat and Refrigeration Engineering
Automation of Technological Processes and Production
Applied Mechanics

Departments of the Faculty of Economics

Accounting, Analysis and Audit
Commodity Research and Organization of Trading
Economy and Organization of Production
Higher Mathematics
Foreign Languages

mechanical engineers in specialities:

«Food engineering machines and devices»
«Low Temperature Technology»

automation engineers in speciality:

«Automation of Technological Processes and Production Procedures»

programming engineers in speciality:

«Information Systems and Technologies»

ecologists, environmental protection engineers in speciality:

«Environmental protection activities »

production engineers in specialities:

«Technology of storage and processing of food vegetative raw materials»

1. «Technology of storage and processing of grain»;
2. «Technology of bread, pasta, confectionery production and food concentrates»;
3. «Canning technology»;
4. «Technology of fermentation and winemaking»

«Food processing and organization of public catering»

«Technology of storage and processing of raw materials of animal origin»

1. «Technology of meat and meat products»;
2. «Technology of milk and dairy products»

chemical engineers in specialities:

«Chemical technology of organic substances, materials and products»

economists in speciality:

«Accounting, analysis audit»

planning engineers in specializations:

 «Economy and organization of production (food industry)»
«Economy and organization of production (public catering)»

commodity experts in speciality

«Commodity research and examination of foodstuffs»

Correspondence faculty organizes training on the basis of general secondary education and on the basis of specialized secondary education in 13 specialities.

Faculty of economics: Technology and merchandising of food products, functional, special purpose and catering products. Economics and organization of production.

Technological faculty: Foodstuffs Biotechnology (fermentation technologies and winemaking). Technology of grain, legumes, cereals, fruits and vegetables processing and storage and wine growing.

Mechanical faculty: Automation and control of technological processes and production (food industry, chemical industry).Machines, aggregates and processes (food industry). Power Engineering.

Chemico-technological faculty: Polymers and composite technology and processing. Technology of meat, dairy, fish products and refrigeration industries. Chemistry.


Thermal physics and theoretical heating engineering
Inorganic chemistry
Physical chemistry
Machinery, units and processes (in food industry)
Technology and processing of polymers and composites
Technology of storage and processing of grain, legumes, groats, fruit and vegetable products and viticulture
Technology of meat, milk, fishery products and refrigeration industry
Biotechnology of food products (alcohol free beer, distillation and wine industry)
Processes and devices of food production
Commodity research of foodstuffs and technology of public catering products
Economy and management in national economy


Preparatory department 
Postgraduate course 
Institution of doctoral candidacy 
Specialists Retraining

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